Women’s Health Hub 2019

Catalyzing high growth companies leveraging technology to target the health, reproductive life cycle needs of a woman. For two decades, Springboard Enterprises has created unique, impact-driven programs that deliver innovation and transformation to our corporate partners, including Aetna, Dell, Lilly, CA Technologies, AARP, Aon, and others. Springboard Enterprises develops high quality programming in many fields, such as healthcare, enterprise technology, pharmaceuticals, fintech, insurtech, fashion tech, emerging tech, and more.

Women’s Health: A massive, growing opportunity

Emerging digital solutions are redefining healthcare delivery and the way new medical and consumer products are developed. At the same, there is a growing recognition that women are a major driver of the US economic engine, and that the needs, perspectives and opinions on the health, reproductive and life cycle needs of women are rapidly evolving.

  • The women’s health space is a massive and growing opportunity that has long been overlooked and underappreciated as a sector.

  • Today, the personal care product market exceeds $53B with women making 85% of all consumer of purchases, according to Statista and Girlpower

  • By 2023, the fertility market is projected to reach over $30B, according to Allied Market Research

  • By 2025, the global women’s health market is projected to reach $51.3B with women making 80% of decisions, according to Grand View Research.

At the same time, women’s impact in the healthcare marketplace is expanding:

  • 80% of healthcare decisions are made by women, according to Girl Power

  • 19M+ millennial Moms, empowered and confident as a parent, according to PEW Research Center

  • 55% of the current 60M Medicare enrollees are women and will live 8% longer life expectancy over a male counterpart, according to Health Services Research and the Henry J Kaiser Family Foundation

  • By 2022, 60% of women will control the family wealth in the USA and an average family of four paying $28,166 on healthcare, which may or may not be shared by employers, according to Becker’s Hospital Review and Girl Power

Introducing our Women’s Health Hub

Built on a 19-year track record of supporting women innovators that have raised more than $8.7B and transformed industries, Springboard’s Women’s Health Hub is a program designed to catalyze the growth of women-led companies across the women’s health space that leverage technology to target the health, reproductive and life cycle needs of a woman.

Companies selected for the program are matched with a team of relevant, targeted advisors and participate in several in-person and virtual workshops and presentation sessions that provide exposure to influencers, active investors, and potential strategic partners. Beyond the program, Springboard continues to serve as a relentless advocate, supporter, and connector for its entrepreneurs.

Become a Sponsor

Join us as a Corporate Partner and become an integral part of our community of innovators, investors, and industry leaders determined to transform the women’s health space.

Harness the competitive advantage of diversity

Distinct competitive advantages are created by diversity. By partnering with Springboard you access solutions developed by a unique and diverse talent pool: women-led companies. These are companies hand-picked and carefully vetted for their high growth potential and ability to transform industries.

“Springboard entrepreneurs are literally changing the world through technical innovation. Springboard programs have created a dramatic shift in the way we think about women role models at the CEO level, reminding us the face of corporate leadership needs to be diverse, and that we each hold the power to effect change, whatever our context.”

— Debra Danielson, SVP M&A Strategy and Distinguished Engineer, CA Technologies

Gain new insights on the Women’s Health marketplace

Be positioned for the growing influence of women in the healthcare marketplace and gain earlier insights on how digital technologies are changing and challenging the way healthcare is delivered.

“Working with Springboard is consistent with Lilly’s mission of developing women in scientific leadership. We leverage our engagement as a mechanism to allow top diverse female scientific leaders to garner more external focus while leveraging their skills and expertise, all while experiencing the gratification of giving back. Finally, our engagement affords us an opportunity to see some very early innovation.”

— Amy Davis, Senior Director Clinical Development Organization, Eli Lilly & Company

Access pipelines of new innovation

As a company, you want the best access to transformative technologies that can increase your efficiency, revenue and market share. And, to take advantage of new technologies, you want a company culture that embraces innovative thinking.

“As health care becomes more consumer-focused, we look for innovative ways to use technology to personalize the consumer experience. Springboard is an amazing venue to interact with some of the brightest women entrepreneurs in life sciences and tech. We look forward to our annual meeting, where we not only get to hear enlightening presentations, but develop ongoing relationships with these inspiring leaders. As Aetna works to join individuals on their health care journey, we are pleased to join women entrepreneurs on their journey to building high-growth companies for an interconnected world.”

— Meg McCarthy, Executive Vice President, Operations and Technology, Aetna

Expand your network

Springboard programs help you bring key innovations deep into your culture, expand your network, linking you to top women-led business entrepreneurial talent. Our interactive sessions facilitate discussions into practical applications of technologies to move your business forward.

Your sponsorship will come with:

  1. Springboard promotion of the relationship

  2. Leadership participation on steering committee

  3. Executive engagement throughout the program

  4. Applicant pipeline review

  5. Advisory role with select companies

Contact Rebecca MacKinnon, Director and Exec-in-Residence of Springboard’s Health Tech Hub, at Rebecca@sb.co to craft a sponsorship package that aligns with your corporate and strategic directives.

Springboard Enterprises: two decades of results and impact

Since 2000, Springboard has worked with 735 women-led companies that have raised $8.7 billion, had 189 M&A events, and 17 IPOs. Over 5,500 advisors and experts around the world contribute human capital to our programs, including corporate executives from our many partners. Springboard Enterprises has a truly global reach, with programs in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.